Billy Linker

Billy Linker makes things. These include but are not limited to: advertising campaigns, documentaries, dinner, virtual museums, a snow removal company named Microsnow (give me a break, I was 11), podcasts, apps, a rogue film distribution company and TV commercials. Billy lives in Amsterdam via New York and a couple years in the Caribbean.

Billy currently works as an Executive Producer at Oatly. He sometimes directs videos at Oatly when called upon using a special phone. He's also worked at Netflix, We Are Pi and AnalogFolk in similar roles. Other adventures in professional related activities include founding and running the production company Brickhouse Projects in NYC, working as head of video at Cake/Havas and toiling in film development for Trigger Street.

Billy also directs documentaries via Alleged Films and recently released the feature film Joker Gang: The Documentary. Additional films he has birthed include Atlantic City and Brother K.