Billy Linker

Billy Linker makes things. These include but are not limited to: advertising campaigns, documentaries, hot sauce, virtual museums, a snow removal company named Microsnow (give me a break, I was 11),  podcasts, apps, a rogue film distribution company and TV commercials. Billy lives in Amsterdam via New York and a couple years in the Caribbean.

Billy currently runs the production company Brickhouse Projects, working primarily as a producer. He also works as a freelance senior producer. This means that he spends a lot of time researching and developing creative ideas for brands, agencies and publishers and then putting together teams to bring those ideas to life. Often this takes the form of marketing campaigns or video series but has also veered into areas including product development, partnership strategy and experiential marketing. He has been lucky enough to work with companies including Google, Samsung, Twitter, Absolut, Amazon, Vespa and Esquire. He has even managed to win a couple awards for these activities at advertising and film festivals.   

Billy directs documentaries via Alleged Films and is currently in post-production on the feature film Joker Gang. Additional films he has birthed include Atlantic City and Brother K. 

Prior to Brickhouse, Billy spent time as a content strategist and head of video at the marketing agency Cake/Havas, worked as head of community for the online video startup Magnify and toiled in film development for Trigger Street.