Samsung / It Doesn't Take a Genius

To steal some fire from a new iPhone release, Brickhouse worked with Samsung and their agency Big Spaceship to create a series of 6 videos responding to the announcement in near real-time (videos were shot, edited and released within 24 hours). The videos were featured in over 60 global news outlets and garnered nearly 14 million video views.

Director: Bryan Schlam
Editor: Dominic Bracco
Director of Photography: Ben Carey
Executive Producer: Billy Linker
Producer: Mark Olsen
Colorist: Samuel Gursky
Production Designer: Perry Mateson
Sound Mixer: Micah Bloomberg
Stylist: Abby Walton
HMU: Jackie Risotto

Featured on the front page of YouTube 
Featured on Engadget
Featured on AdAge
Featured on Mashable
Featured on TechCrunch
Featured on High Snobiety
Featured on The Verge
Featured on Cnet
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